Depositphotos_4189671_originalAs African markets mature, audiences have more choices in how they consume their radio content. With the advent of Radio 2.0 (digital radio) listeners are no longer limited to consuming content on traditional spectrum such as FM, but rather can experience radio through internet enabled devices such as computers and mobile phones.

Whilst the internet contains a massive amount of existing radio related content, very little, if any of this is produced in Africa.

Syndicated Content

We have identified a number of content sectors which have the opportunity of delivering sustainable and profitable. We are building a series of radio formats which are capable of monetised distribution across a number of platforms. A selection of current initiatives are detailed below.

The Essential Selection

With a view to media congruence, we are starting a weekly music and talk based format hosted by Patricia Amira. This will leverage on Patricia’s pan African presence on television and is sold on a territory exclusive basis across Africa.

Shows are sold in on a fee per show basis on, initially, three month rolling contracts.

Kasheshe Korna

This is a daily short drama format designed originally for television. This is in production as a radio format centered around the concept of news drama – rather like a dramatic rendition of news talk formats.

Corporate Radio

With substantial increases in media space costs coupled with a drop in technology entry costs and a narrow content platform on FM radio, large corporates have an opportunity of entering the radio production sphere. This provides for ability for corporates to enjoy stronger control over media communication beyond formal advertising or sponsorship and promotions. Likewise, with increased media fragmentation, radio owners have less currency in terms of their audience sales offer, thereby forcing advertisers to increase weight and range of advertising channels. Mandala are producing dedicated Coke Studio Africa radio formats for distribution to the show’s core markets. This comprises currently 12 radio stations in five countries.

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