Other Services


Vision Post Production

Mandala offers a full range of television and post production services including an online edit serve system with five workstations running latest Final Cut Pro. In addition, Mandala has award winning animations and graphics expertise which can handle all requirements for 2D and 3D motion graphics.

Audio Recording and Production

We provide a full range of audio services both for audio tracking, as well as audio post. This includes an extensive voice talent and sound effects banks. Mandala consistently invests in the latest audio technology from suppliers including; Tascam, Audix, Behringer, Sennheiser, Beyer Dynamic. Shure, Audio Technica, M-Audio, AKG.

Preferential Suppliers

Mandala works only with an approved and audited key supplier list. For television, this includes; Cats Kenya Ltd. (broadcast engineering), Live Gigs Ltd. (Staging and Lighting), Film Studios Kenya Ltd. (Grips, Lighting), Supersport Africa Ltd. (Studios). We enjoy strong preferential relationships with many of our suppliers. For production management, and co-productions, we are able to leverage our existing production supplier relationships to manage budget limitations and expectations.

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