Developmental Media


Agricultural information Through ICT & Media

The 4 year $2.5 million DfiD and Danida funded AIIM programme was designed to support the development of sustainable and profitable content in the Kenyan commercial media sector and make that sector work in an improved manner towards servicing the business needs of small holder farmers and related service sectors across the Kenya.

Previously, farming information was largely the preserve of paid to air content developed by third party providers. As a result, programming was largely short term in approach with limited impact, and little buy in from either media or the commercial advertising community. At this point agri related marketing revenues accounted for less than 5% of advertising spend, to a sector employing over 15 million people, the single largest in the country.

AIIM worked in partnership with over 10 commercial radio stations to help them developed their own free to air SME related formats and sought to help them develop revenue channels to support this programming. In addition, the platform crowded in over 100 content partnerships with ‘expert’ organisations to populate that content. Shows included; magazine formats, diary clips, pricing reads, field reports. It included the development of the show, Mali Shambani on KBC Kiswahili channel which remains one of the most popular radio shows in Kenya today.

AIIM also sought to encourage recognition of the market opportunity by other media channels. This included mobile telcos, call centres (for whom the project built business planning for dedicated farmer helplines), internet property owners and aggregators.


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