Portfolio Radio

Radio Salaam

Radio Salaam is Kenya’s largest Islamic radio network, broadcasting nationally including into Somalia and Tanzania. It is also Kenya’s first dedicated talk and news station network now in its ninth year of operations.

Mandala have been contracted on several occasions to work with the network. To date, this has included:

  • Complete station business appraisal and overhaul
  • Rebranding and development of brand marketing strategy
  • Reworking of station format including; clock development, station sound production
  • Provision of packaged training and development activities including; news management, presentation, production
  • Sales management and sales team development including journey planning, target setting
  • Human resources strategy including development of appraisal systems and staffing policies
  • Network roll out including the development of Nairobi signal and dedicated content streaming


Radio Dadaab

Dadaab is the world’s largest refugee camp with a community of camps primarily housing over 600,000 migrants from Somali conflict. However, the distinctive and localised needs for information, education and entertainment had hitherto been ignored by existing radio providers.

Mandala was instrumental in the development of the first community station dedicated to the needs of the Dadaab camps. The station was developed to provide a platform for expression on the part of the camps’ populations. Primarily this is designed to provide a ready method for amplification of location centric content, including disseminating best practise in areas of health, community, child education. This also included providing for religious needs whilst also providing a strong level of cultural focus to many who had never had the opportunity to live in the country of their heritage. This included developing music sourcing and play listing as well as reflecting traditional Somali cultures through storytelling and poetry.

Mandala’s input ranged from development of infrastructure, programming, on air production, staff recruitment and training, station launch and the building of content partner relationships including both bi-lateral and multi lateral agencies.


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