SHOW 2 pt 1

Mandala were contracted to develop and execute a game show concept for Unilever brand, OMO. The campaign sought to re-ignite awareness and usage of the OMO laundry brand, the oldest and most established laundry brand in its category.

The TVS comprised a 9 episode 40 minute television format which broadcast in a prime time slot on Citizen Television, the most watched station in Kenya.

The format was made up of three rounds of competition. Round 1, a price listing segment in which contestants ranked popular commodities including the sponsor brand. This reinforced brand accessibility. Winners went on to round 2 in which each was given a T-shirt. On the T-Shirt was a ‘dirt’ mark which masked a prize. Winners could choose to ‘sell’ their shirt for increasing cash amounts or they could opt to retain the shirt and go to Round 3. In the final round winners washed their shirts, revealing a prize – from a T-Shirt to a car.


The client reported massive brand growth – over 100% increases in sales and unit volumes. This firmly re-established OMO as the big brand in category and stimulated strong brand awareness increase and clear differentiation in category.

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